Conservatory decorating ideas with flooring

Thinking about an extension in your home or redecorating a tired looking conservatory?

If you’ve chosen vinyl as your flooring type due to its easy maintenance, affordability and water resistant properties, then here are some decorating ideas with which you can create a great looking interior.


bounce key diamond vinyl scapa_0


Image shows Bounce Scapa vinyl flooring

Love stripes, prints and many modern patterns? Then you’ll be happy to know that key diamond flooring is back in and looks great amongst contemporary furniture.

Whether you’re dining in your conservatory or simply use it to entertain guests, your new flooring could be a great way to add a conversation starter.


Galaxy wood vinyl_0


Image shows Galaxy Zita vinyl

With earthy tones you can really achieve a woodland haven in your conservatory.

Find our vinyl flooring that mimics the pattern of wooden slices and see how it can transform a tired looking space into a welcoming room. Simply finish off with wooden furniture to complete the natural look.


Rhino Champ tile vinyl_0

Image shows Rhino Champion Bronze Vinyl

You can get a great deal if you choose vinyl, especially if you’re covering a small space. Not only will you be able to create a stylish room with vinyl but you’ll also find that you don’t need a big budget at all.

So, go for traditional fawn hues and tile effect vinyl if you love rustic interiors. Or, why not create a ‘holiday look’ with golden tile effect vinyl and finish it off with a lounger to make you feel relaxed and at peace in your conservatory.


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