dining room wood effect vinyl


Compliment your wood effect vinyl flooring with stylish sleek furniture and make your new flooring the statement of your dining room. Create a modern space that’s impressive and ideal to entertain your guests.


patterned carpet CR


Add vintage furniture with patterned carpet for a classic interior finish. The colour of the antique table and chairs matches beautifully with the design of the patterned carpet. Create a sophisticated room in which you can feel fully comfortable in, adding class at the same time. Remember to keep your furniture simple though, as you don’t want your stylish carpet clashing with it.


monochrome vinyl flooring CR


If you’ve decided to try out this year’s top trend of monochrome and fitted black and white vinyl in your open plan dining room, then emphasise its beauty with wooden furniture.  Why not be adventurous and find a dining room set that also has a white finish for the ultimate contemporary look.

Top Tip: complete the room by painting an old cupboard in a summery hue.

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