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With winter in full swing now’s the time to add some punchy electric colour to your home to brighten up even the dullest of days. Vibrant colours and busy patterns are often avoided in decorating schemes for fear of going over the top or making an expensive mistake. Used with confidence, however, whether a collection of small details or decorating your entire room, going for bold is a great way of creating a focal point and injecting personality and style into your home.

*Team intense colour with practicality with this 100% virtually stain proof polypropylene carpet;

Jazz red carpet, Carpetright.

Decorating with bold colour can be a scary thought, so if If you are nervous about taking the plunge, start small by introducing a vase, throw,  lampshade or small group of accessories to bring the colours into the room – once you feel more adventurous you could then go for a floor covering, feature wall or statement piece of furniture. If you discover that this is the look for you that brings your home to life then go all out for colour – there’s no limit to what you can do!

*Let your floor make a stylish statement with this bold blue vinyl flooring.

True Colours Vinyl, Carpetright

Feeling inspired by a riot of colour? Then read on for top tips on adding some wow to your home.


Paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add colour to a room – you don’t need to go the whole hog and paint the entire room. Just something as simple as decorating a feature wall will completely change the look and feel of the room in an instant altering the focus in the room with a vibrant makeover.


*Even small touches of colour can have a massive impact in a neutral space.

The varying brights of this modern-look rug ‘pop’ out in a riot of colour.

Chicago Rug, Carpetright

Updating existing or flea market finds with a facelift is also a clever and cost effective way of adding colour accents around your home from small touches to large key pieces.  Just a few budget picture frames given a fresh coat of colour then grouped together can add wow to walls, whilst a junk shop table and chairs can be updated with shades of coordinating colour for a fashionable vintage look. Tester pots are just the thing for experimenting with flashes of bright colour – there’s just enough to add that unexpected accent on furniture and accessories.


Wallpaper is seeing a huge revival with patterns; becoming more and more design and fashion led and we are being more adventurous creating increasingly personal statements in our homes. Murals have also seen a huge rise in popularity with the introduction of computer aided designs – a wonderful way of adding that personal statement to your walls in whatever colour and design you choose whether a favourite family portrait or a work of art. A bold wallpaper or wall size mural is a great trick to make a small living room look larger, drawing attention away from the size of the room and onto the wall.


*Make your floor the focal point with this durable high gloss finish vinyl

Mardi Gras, striped vinyl flooring, Carpetright

Bold stripes work anywhere and everywhere and are a great way of adding a crisp defined element to a space.  They work especially well on floors defining and outlining the space and can be used to enhance or disguise proportions in a room making it look longer or wider.  They also mix beautifully with coordinating plain colours, florals and any other patterns making them extremely versatile.  Stripes are also a ready made mood board and starting point for your colour scheme as you can match any of the colours in the stripes to other details in your scheme for a perfectly coordinated look. Striped vinyl makes a quick, easy and cost effective stand out flooring – perfect for every room in your home.  Striped carpet is also becoming increasingly popular with striped designs in every hue imaginable.  If you are nervous about going for wall to wall striped carpet, experiment first by adding a large striped rug – if you love it then wall to wall stripes could be your next step.

*Stripes are just the thing for exaggerating proportions.

This long striped runner makes the space appear even longer and larger!

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*Make your furniture stand out from the crowd by choosing a sleek design in a bold colour.

Chair from a selection, Barker & Stonehouse

Creating a fabulous focal point in a room is a great way of reenergising the space and can also take the focus off any of the less attractive features in the room.

*Make a statement – Scatter wall art from a selection, Habitat

Whether it’s an oversized work of art, statement sofa, ornate floor length curtains or vibrant flooring in bold plains or graphic patterns; go for something that really will be a style statement and act as a feature in your space.

*Add a colour blast to a neutral scheme with this bold red100% virtually stain proof polypropylene carpet.

Virgo carpet, Carpetright.

Carpetright has a huge variety of bold coloured flooring that is perfect for making that statement and instantly transforming any room from vinyls in bold checks, stripes and graphic prints, rugs in a range of colours and textures and carpets in every shade imaginable – there’s no limit to how bold you can go.

*Team colour & comfort underfoot with this deep twist pile textured carpet.

Carousel Twist carpet, Carpetright


*Use contemporary blocks of contrasting colour!

Shout dining table £250, stacking mugs £4 each, jasper chair £39

All House at John Lewis

Above all, have fun with your colour, clashing brights should look and feel playful so hunt for quirky shapes and mix those vibrant shades so that they create an interesting stand out collection.  Play around with scale too using over sized vases and accessories to introduce some humour to your scheme.


How ever much you love your favourite colour, it’s probably best not to overwhelm your guests with pink or blue overload on every surface so plan carefully before you decorate not only to prevent costly mistakes but also to ensure you keep your friends.  Make a moodboard with pictures of all the key elements in the room and introduce some neutral shades into the scheme to break up the bold colours.


*Choose a classic collectible with its decorative coloured coat hooks.

Vitra Eames, Hang it All wall rack £198, John Lewis

Accessories are just as important as large statement items. Offset plain colours so that the colours pop and create drama and impact in your scheme.

*Group together some contrasting tealight holders for a blast of colour.

Contini ceramic tealight holders from a selection, Habitat.

Group things together for maximum impact!

*Brighten up a plain sofa, Geometric applique cushion £32, Debenhams

Even just one cushion or a throw can transform the look of a sofa in an instant whilst a collection of accessories can revamp a plain console table or mantel.

Will you take the plunge and add a riot of colour to your home this season?

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