The Colour Lab: Daffodil yellow

Spring has sprung, and we can finally look ahead to throwing off winter and opening our homes up to sunlight and fresh air. There is no better colour for adding a feeling of spring sunlight to your home than fresh, daffodil yellow.

Field of daffodils

The lightest colour on the spectrum, yellow doesn’t just remind us of spring – it’s also psychologically uplifting and optimistic as well as having the benefit of being a naturally warming colour that can lift even a chilly, north-facing room. It can also divide opinion, however, so here are our tips for using spring yellows in your home, and how to get the colour right first time.

Country style yellow

Yellow is a classic feature in country-style schemes and is especially popular for kitchens. Think of it as artificial sunlight and it will really help you understand where you might want to use it. In a gloomy room then a soft, buttery yellow on the walls will add some much-needed warmth, but in an already bright room then just a dash will do – a yellow roller blind or yellow-painted farmhouse table for example.

yellow kitchen wall

To incorporate yellow into a rustic scheme think about traditional patterns like gingham for soft furnishings, and mix with whites that have a yellow base so you don’t overpower the room.

Yellow will work brilliantly with natural wood, meaning it makes a great paring with natural floorboards and rustic country furniture. To add a dash of brightness try adding accents in a duck-egg blue, or take a tip from the daffodil itself and accent with fresh, sap-coloured green.

Sophisticated urban yellow

Rural and rustic isn’t the only way to do yellow. If you’ve gone for the recent grey walls trend then injecting a shot of daffodil yellow will take your scheme from winter to spring and add an exciting edge.

office with yellow feature wall

Flashes of yellow in unexpected places – a yellow lacquer side table, or gloss yellow shelves for example – will add a funky twist to a sober scheme. Yellow also works well with white and black. Want to add a feel-good touch to a family bathroom?

Adding vinyl flooring in daffodil yellow will provide a pick-me-up every morning, and can be carried through to towels and blinds to warm up an all-white room. Or bring a touch of spring to the bedroom with a set of yellow bedlinen.

True Colours Uni 556 Yellow Vinyl Flooring

With a white wooden bed-frame it will give you a cute, cottagey look, while on a black bed frame the look will be slicker and more modern.

Yellow base notes

You don’t have to go for all yellow walls to bring the colour’s positive benefits into your design scheme. Sunny ceramics and soft-furnishings are enough to cheer up a living room.

Yellow lamp

Or what about letting sunshine seep through your room from the floor upwards? A soft yellow carpet will give a subtle glow to a room and is surprisingly versatile when you’re ready to change wall colours.

It works brilliantly with soft greys and pinks, currently very in Vogue, but would work equally well when turquoise, mauve or even burnt orange is the wall-colour du jour… proving daffodil yellow is perfect for welcoming spring, but it’s shelf life is much, much longer.

Looking to add yellow to your home? Order free samples and try before you buy to get a quick preview to how it will look.