Colour Focus: Milk chocolate

With National Milk Chocolate Day fast approaching on June 28, it’s time for us to think about how this colour can make its way into our home interior design.

A variety of shades of brown are currently available in wallpapers, flooring and accessories and look fantastic in bathrooms, lounges and kitchens – but how can you make milk chocolate one of them?

The Lounge

Your lounge is an important room and the hub of the home, so it is vital that you get the themes and colours spot on. It is often one of the first rooms your guests will venture in to as well, so you should aim to make this room warm, comfortable and inviting.

With a variety of brown shades available you have a choice over whether to stick to one shade with a neutral base – white or cream – or variety of shades of the same colour for maximum impact.

Boston Saxony Plain CarpetAnother really popular look at the moment involves a chocolate brown carpet with cream walls. This will allow you to accessorise with as many different colours as you like via cushions, soft furnishings and ornaments.

The Kitchen

Bring your kitchen to life with a touch of brown by adding it to your flooring. These shades can be incorporated with wood effect vinyl flooring, or even through the colour of your cupboards.

Brown coloured kitchens can help to create a warm, comfortable look but if you don’t want to go too mad with the colour then you can keep it reasonably neutral with the addition of a light brown rug.

Balmoral Cream Mink Brown RugAlternatively, you can invest in brown bar stools for the breakfast bar or even brown furnishings such as blinds and curtains to make your kitchen bang on trend.

The Bathroom

So many people choose to have blue in their bathroom. Why not stand out from the crowd and add some shades of brown and beige?

Harmony dark oak effect vinyl flooringGuaranteed to create warmth and giving you the chance to really relax while soaking in the bath, simply team some light brown coloured bath mats with a gorgeous oak mirror. Mirrors are a great way to make a room seem larger than it actually is, meaning this could be a win-win for your bathroom!

You can also introduce brown into your bathroom with the flooring. Choose wood or oak effect laminate flooring or vinyl and enjoy this deep and rich colour throughout your home. It looks great contrasted against the white of a bathroom suite and can be accented with teal, turquoise or blue accessories for a striking impact.

With these top tips in mind, adding milk chocolate colours to your home will never be a problem again. The only risk you might face is that seeing all of these delicious shades in your home might increase your cravings for the sweet stuff!

Want to try milk chocolate colours flooring in your home? Order free samples to try before you buy!