Citrus interior decorating ideas

Liven up your interior with citrus decorations. The green and orange hues are sure to add life to your atmosphere, so you can feel fresh every time you walk into your home after a long day at work.

To help inspire your tasty interior colour scheme we’ve put together three soothing citrus interiors below:


black carpet with citrus interior decor


Image shows black carpet

Add subtle style with a minimal amount of citrus décor but set it off and emphasise the beautiful shades using a dark base, such as a black carpet. With quirky features and added deep colours, like a bold blue that’s shown above, you’ll have yourself a modern and elegant finish.


grey carpet with citrus decorations


Image shows Chicago floral rug

Start with a neutral base of creams and grey and add soft shades and floral patterns for an energising space. The soothing citrus hues will add a natural tranquillity to your interior, making it especially good for rooms where you need to think clearly – like a home office.


brown carpet with citrus decor


Image shows Brown carpet

Green and orange decorations work fabulously together, so play with the shades that you use around the home. Start with an earthy base, like a brown carpet, to give yourself many design opportunities and then add citrus colours using your furniture and scatter cushions. Finish it off with fresh flowers and zesty plants for a fabulous finish.

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