Christmas decoration, flooring and bedroom ideas

Christmas Decoration

From designer trees to do it yourself Christmas decorations, at Carpetright we believe that they should be personal to the home owner and family.

Christmas home decorating ideas for children would be to draw, cut and create snowflakes, snowmen, cards and more. This way they will always feel a part of the Christmas season. By using traditional Christmas colours; green, red and white, the family can easily work together to create something marvellous and memorable. Most of all this can be a shared joyful event that the whole family can work on together. It is after all the time to be jolly!

On the other hand, if you are looking for more sophisticated edge to your Christmas interior style, have a look at blue and white or red and gold as your colour schemes. The former will make your home brighter and make it like a winter wonderland, while the red and gold will feel cosier and more seductive.

A more daring Christmas idea could be to simply use all white Christmas decor so that your green Christmas tree with be the centre of attention in your lounge.


Christmas Flooring

Flooring is the first thing that guests notice, even if they do so unconsciously! The right flooring can really set the atmosphere that you are looking for, be it bright, warm or bold.

One of our Christmas home ideas is therefore to use light or neutral coloured carpet to brighten up smaller rooms. You will be able to create a warm home because of the carpet’s texture while creating a visual illusion of a larger area. This is particularly go great with the white and blue Christmas colour scheme!

For an ultimately modern Christmas look, choose a damson red coloured carpet or even a purple carpet can create the ideal landscape to show off your Christmas craft. Make a statement from the ground up and use these contemporary colours natural berry.


Christmas Bedroom ideas

It is simple to create your bed the centrepiece of your Christmas bedroom.  Use a wooden bed or one with a white finish to create a more natural and serene design. Add lights and light soothing decor to create your perfect dreamland.

Another Christmas design is to use a faux leather bed that is soft to the touch for a seductive and more mature bedroom interior. Decorate it with contemporary and sleek Christmas decorations for a great finish.  We recommend looking at Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s interior design at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2012. Here you can see that he styles two room sets with the ‘Naughty and Nice’ theme this Christmas. It is fun and beautiful so why not recreate it?


‘Nice’ Bedroom Room Set Video:

‘Naughty’ Bedroom Room Set Video:

Finally, we think that divan beds can be the most useful and our number one choice. Simply because they are perfect to HIDE PRESENTS! Great if you have a large family and nosy little ones running around.

We hope you have a lovely time this Christmas and that you have fun creating your own Christmas winter wonderlands!

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