Children’s bedroom ideas


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Are you expecting, like Kate Middleton, and are looking to create a nursery? By choosing pastel colours that have a natural glow, you can make it both soothing and bright.

Use soft yellow, pink or baby blue decorations and complete it with beige carpets to make an environment that is relaxing. This will also allow you to see dirt better so that the children’s room may always stay clean and hygienic.

Shared Bedroom



For shared children’s rooms use bunk beds to save space. This will give your children more space to play and is a great space saving solution if the room is small. Finish the look with toys, games and use strong colours throughout, for an exceptionally contemporary look use striped carpets for a modern fun bedroom.

Do take into account both your children’s preferences when decorating a shared bedroom though as they will be the ones who will use this room most for sleeping, entertainment and relaxation.

Modern Bedroom Ideas



Vibrant and bold colours used in a growing kid’s bedroom works great. They provide a dramatic look that is impressive to guests and friends and so we recommend using red carpet that will highlight any type of bed and furniture that is used within that room. It is sure to create an intimate and warm bedroom that some children prefer, especially if they love listening to stories in bed or creating tents from linen when playing games.

Children love imaginative ideas, so allow them to help you create their bedrooms, if possible, so that their creativity grows throughout the redecorating process!

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