Children’s bedroom ideas for Easter

Are you redecorating your kid’s bedrooms this Easter 2013? We have some great ideas for a fresh looking children’s room in which they can work and play and grow-up to become individuals that you’ll be proud of.

Children’s Bed Ideas

Clifton Guest Bed 2


Choose from a range of beautiful kid’s beds with a white finish for a cheerful bedroom that’s ideal for a bright future ahead. Decorate your children’s bedrooms with pastel colours, such as baby pink or blue for a chic finish and transform an old room into a playful environment in which your little ones can mature.

If space is tight then have a look at our practical bunk beds. Create more floor space for your children to play on this Easter weekend.

Easter Carpet Ideas

sark beige carpet


Easily freshen up your children’s bedroom interiors with our cheap carpet. The best flooring to choose is a soft, patterned carpet, which will provide extra cushioning and comfort whilst its design will show less marks of the inevitable accidents from your messy little ones. Also, our 100% polypropylene flooring is super easy to clean and is virtually stain proof.

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