Carpets made for how you live

A good carpet makes your house feel like a home.  it gives warmth, texture and personality, while being tough enough to handle everyday wear and tear.  But some carpets suit some rooms better than others – so, when you’re choosing a carpet, think about which fibre, texture and style is best for you.

The right fibre for you

​You can choose from three types of carpet fibre; natural fibres, synthetic fibres and blended fibres.  natural fibres like wool are soft and luxurious, as well as durable.  Synthetic fibres can be stain resistant, hardwearing and also great value for money.  Blended fibres, such as a mixture of wool and nylon, are both hardwearing and beautifully soft.

Twist Pile Carpet- Stylish and Practical

Twist pile carpets are ideal for busy families.  They’re made from twisting yarn tightly together, which makes them hardwearing and easy to look after.  You can choose between two types of twists: plain and heather.  Both have a lovely even surface that’s springy underfoot.  The heather shades come in lots of colours, and they’re less likely to show marks, so they’re perfect for your hall or living room.,

Saxony Carpet – Deep and Warm

Saxony carpets are deep, thick and beautifully elegant.  They have a slightly longer pile that you can really sink your toes into.  The sumptuous finish means they’re perfect for bedrooms – so when your feet touch the floor in the morning, a lovely layer of carpet will keep them warm.

Loop Pile Carpet – Textured and Rustic

Loop pile carpets are classic and durable, and are made from synthetic fibres or wool.  The loops can be different lengths, to create a textured effect you’ll want to run your fingers over.  Because they’re durable, they’re great for most areas of your home, from your hallway right through to your bedroom.  A word of warning though, pets can pull this type of carpet with their claws.

Patterned Carpet – Bold and Full of Character

A pattern brightens up even the dingiest of rooms, whether you’re making a statement in your hallway with stripes, or styling your lounge with floral motifs.  Patterns can be dramatic, adventurous and fun.  Not only do patterns give your home character, but they’re great at hiding marks too.

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