The Carpetright “Google Zeitgeist 2013”

If you’re fascinated by the Google’s Zeitgeist 2013 video like we are, then here’s what was searched for on the Carpetright website…


Striped carpet

Lakeside striped carpet


Image shows striped carpet

Do you love striped carpets? Well, you’re not alone because in 2013 it was one of the top searches on our website. Fun and popular, these stripes can elongate your stairs in no time.


chunky berber_3


Image shows Berber carpet

The tacticle texture of a chunky Berber carpet will create a rustic look in any home. It isn’t surprising therefore to see it’s one of your favourites.

Shag rugs

Balmoral Grey


Image shows Balmoral shaggy rug

Make a big difference with a small rug that’s super affordable. So, be sure to sink your toes into its sumptuous shaggy texture.


 New Geneva saxony carpet_0

Image shows New Geneva Saxony carpet

It seems we all love the luxury that a Saxony carpet can bring to our bedrooms. Be sure to add its cosy comfort into yours today.

Wool carpet

Dakota carpet


Image shows Dakota wool carpet

100% wool carpet has lots of great natural properties, including being naturally resilient and stain resistant. We see more homeowners choosing this wonderful product year after year.


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We wish you happy redecorating this 2014!

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