Budget lounge ideas

Have you pictured your own perfect lounge but couldn’t recreate it due to money constraints? We offer trendy, affordable ideas to create a living room that suits your taste, your requirements and, most importantly, your pocket.

Vintage Lounge

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With affordable flooring you can easily create a home that has a lot of character. Vinyl comes in various designs; natural, bold and futuristic. We recommend using wood effect vinyl flooring for a vintage look. Choose a light hue in particular for smaller living spaces to create an illusion of a bigger room. Vinyl doesn’t only look good but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. As it is waterproof and hardwearing it is no doubt ideal for a busy lounge. Why not complete the vintage lounge design with furniture at bargain prices in boot sales and charity shops?

Contemporary Living Room

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Other trendy lounge ideas don’t need to cost a fortune either. For example, the minimalist design that’s sleek and stylish is easy to create with modern vinyl flooring. It is a look that is appealing and one where you don’t need a lot of furniture in a room to make it modern. Use sophisticated colours for decoration to give your lounge a super contemporary finish.

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