The bold coloured carpet trend

Make a statement in your room this year by adding a splash of colour beneath your feet.

We often play it safe with the carpet, opting for neutral shades but bold is beautiful and not only is it in fashion but it helps hide unsightly spillages too.

Discover how to rock the loudest carpets successfully…


Rugby Twist Green_1 (1)


*Image shows green carpet

This year has seen an increase in sales of the darker shades of carpets. These are most commonly deep purples, blues and green carpets. This creates a dramatic feel for a living space and can be really homely in an office or lounge.


red carpet lounge ideas_0


*Image shows red carpet

Think about a striking berry red carpet to add some fun to the room. These work best in bedrooms, children’s rooms or areas with more neutral wall colours. Or why not use it in a modern living space and let it hide inevitable stains of everyday life.


striped carpet JAZZ_0


*Image shows Jazz striped carpet

Children’s bedrooms and landings are the perfect place to experiment with bold patterns. Striped carpets lend themselves particularly well to hallways and stairs as they draw the eye through the space. As these spaces also attract a lot of traffic, the pattern is more forgiving on marks and stains too. Add a little flair to a forgotten space or use the pattern to add a seamless design throughout the house.


Watch ‘How to Choose the Right Flooring for your Home’ for ideas and top tips from interior stylist, Diana Civil, about choosing modern flooring to make a statement.

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