Big and small bathroom ideas

Tired of your outdated bathroom? Here are some great bathroom ideas, for large and small spaces, to inspire your redecoration. Firstly decide what style you hope to achieve then use our useful tips to create your perfect, and most relaxing, bathroom.


small bathroom


Natural light is one of the most important features that a bathroom should have a lot of, especially a small bathroom. Promote the flood of sunlight with windows, light coloured walls and smooth surfaces that are sure to reflect the light to every corner of the room. Find your bathroom looking bigger than it actually is!

Mirrors create the illusion of space too. Small bathrooms will momentarily look larger with mirrors extended its visual depth. You’ll be able to have a bathroom of your dreams in no time.

Use clever storage solutions. By keeping your bathroom tidy you’ll be able to only show off your favourite toiletries and towels to impress your guests.

Fit tile effect vinyl if you’re thinking about practicality. Easy to maintain, slip resistant vinyl is ideal for busy bathrooms that see a lot of footfall.


big bathroom


If you are fortunate enough to have a large bathroom why not create a relaxing space that oozes opulence. Use stone effect vinyl flooring with a smooth finish to form the luxurious atmosphere of a spa in your very own home.

Indulge in the comfort of curvaceous and soft furniture and complete the look if your own personal touch of favourite ornaments and flowers to achieve a fresh and relaxing bathroom haven.

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