The best flooring for your underfloor heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) combines a clever heating system with the ultimate interior design. It’s a great solution for contemporary lifestyles.

UFH is installed under your flooring so that you get the best of both worlds – a warm and efficient heating system and a great flooring design to complement your fabulous interior.

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The two types of UFH – electric underfloor and water (or ‘wet’) under-flooring – can be used on most flooring, but for best results, follow our tips below.


Electric UFH works by installing a series of electric cables either underneath or within your flooring. The cables are connected to your electric supply and a fitted sensor allows you to control the temperature.

They are cheaper and easier to install than water underfloor heating.

Laminates, vinyl flooring and carpets all work well with electric UFH because they can transfer as well as retain heat as long as they are under a certain tog rating. Looking for advice? Book a home appointment with us today.

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Water UFH works by connecting a series of pipes to your boiler, which in turn circulates warm water throughout the floor to heat up the room.

Because you need enough space to fit the water piping, you may need to elevate the floor level, which is why water underfloor heating is best suited to new floor constructions, where the floor itself can be designed to hold the pipework.

Water underfloor heating works well with carpet flooring. Know exactly what’s best and what’s not; simply speak to one of our experts by visiting your local store.

Now that you know the best flooring for your underfloor heating type, the hardest decision will be choosing the best flooring design to complement your new heating system!

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