Best flooring choices for your children’s bedrooms

Children love to have a place in which they can rest and play. Create a bedroom that is comfortable as well as imaginative to encourage their creativity. See your children’s attitude to bedtime transform too as you provide them with a room that they can truly be proud of.

Children’s Bedroom Carpet

children's bedroom flooring_0


Choose a colourful carpet to momentarily revamp a boring bedroom into your children’s favourite place in the home. The carpet will add warmth and comfort. You will even find that it cushions sound and impact noise, which is great for noisy little ones who are just learning to walk. As your children will be spending the most time in the bedroom, why not choose the carpet in their favourite colour to add their personality to it?

It’s easy to decorate colourful flooring too. Simply add furniture with a white finish and decorate the room with fun toys.

Top Tip: darker carpet will hide inevitable dirt and stains better!

Bedroom Striped Vinyl

colourful vinyl


Firstly, vinyl flooring comes in superb design choices; you will find wood effect vinyl, tile effect flooring and even futuristic styles for the ultimate contemporary spaces. You can’t go wrong with a creative, stripy vinyl. Modern and fun, it’s sure to keep your children’s lives colourful!

Also, vinyl is a great choice as it’s affordable and because parents find it super practical. It’s easy to clean and to maintain, which is ideal for a play area with messy children.

Top Tip: use a thick underlay to add a cushioning underfoot and protect your precious little ones.

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