Bedroom planning advice

A place in which to rest and relax, the bedroom often reflects an individual’s personal style.

While interior design is, of course, entirely subjective, there are still many ways in which to make the most of your available space.

Why not avoid some common design disasters by following our handy hints and tips to steer your dream room in the right direction?


Wessex Twist


Image shows Carpetright’s divan bed

If your bedroom is on the small side, choosing appropriate furniture is an important consideration. Ensure you settle on sufficient storage solutions that won’t swamp your available space.

Overcrowding your bedroom with too many pieces of furniture will infringe on your personal space, creating a cramped and claustrophobic environment rather than a comfortable, cosy and inviting interior.

If space is limited, multi-purpose furniture offers a functional and fashionable storage solution. Divan beds, for example, incorporate storage space beneath the bed whilst integrated storage solutions make the most of limited floor space by combining essential items of furniture with a handy home for household possessions.


blue bedroom


Image shows wooden bed frame

It’s equally important to consider suitable furniture styles when seeking interior inspiration for your bedroom space. Placing dark or imposing pieces of furniture in a small room can overcrowd the available space.

Similarly, fine or too delicate furniture in a large, spacious room may end up looking a little lost.

When choosing bedroom furniture, ensure you consider a stylish design scheme that suits the intended space. Large rooms, for example, will have ample space for feature furniture.

Adding interesting items of furniture to your interior scheme can create a welcoming and relaxing room that will showcase your personal style.


divan bed carpetright


Image shows beige carpet

Your choice of colour can define the character of your bedroom. Bright white in a large room may create an institutional and uncomfortable atmosphere while dark walls and fussy wallpaper will create a claustrophobic feel that stifles a small room.

Why not make the most of your bedroom space with a feature wall as a fashionable focal point? Most bedrooms can accommodate a single statement wall, adding both interest and individuality to your chosen design scheme.

Also remember that natural light is a welcome addition to any bedroom space. Employ available natural light by placing reflective elements around the room. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will create the illusion of light and space and an open and airy environment will promote relaxation to make the most of your precious bedroom space.

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