From bedroom to boudoir: Transform your room with the right bed frame

Many of us lead busy lives and often need a space to truly relax and find sanctuary when we get home. These days we want our bedroom to be more than just a place to sleep – ideally, our bedrooms would be a place of luxury and indulgence that we can use to wind down from a hectic day. In essence, we want a boudoir to escape to… here’s how to create that effect by choosing the right bed frame.


If you have a compact bedroom and are looking for a modern, uncluttered feel then a simple wooden frame bed offers a natural looking and hardwearing choice.
Light and neutral wooden bed frames can be offset against brightly coloured throws, cushions and bed linen for a bold contrast. Good quality bed linen with a high thread count adds quality to the bedroom.


A timeless classic such as a cast-iron bed can transform your bedroom. With a beautiful antique brass or nickel finish, metal bed frames suit both period and modern bedrooms.
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The smooth finish, often with finials, will turn your bedroom into a boudoir instantly. Throw in some Broderie Anglaise bed linen and you’ve brought classic style to your bedroom!


Luxurious materials such as suede or faux leather can create a decadent boudoir look. These faux leather bed frames often boast larger dimensions so are best suited to rooms with plenty of space. The soft feel and expensive look of this option really adds luxury to a room.cordoba-chesnut_4
Alternatively, you can opt for soft, velvety fabrics for added warmth and texture with just as much luxury.


Choosing the material for your bedframe is only half the battle when creating a boudoir – you must also consider the size of the frame carefully.
This will largely be dependent on the size of your bedroom so make sure that the bed you choose fits in comfortably and still allows plenty of room for access. That said, if you are after true luxury and indulgence then select the largest bed that will fit comfortably into the room in order to make it a dominant feature.
For a balanced look, position the bed centrally against a wall and keep furniture around it minimal. For single bedrooms, standard single beds and even small single beds work well in really tight dimensions.
For double bedrooms, double bed frames are a good choice if space is at a premium while kingsize and super kingsize provide a more indulgent look and ensure less partner disturbance as you sleep.

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