Rugs can be a beautiful addition to any living room… unfortunately, knowing where to place your new flooring accessory is not always as easy as ‘pick up, put down’.

We’ve got a few guidelines to help you enhance your living space and place your new rug in the perfect place, so don’t panic! Follow these simple rules and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

CR-ED0305 area rug interior



A general rule that seems to work across the board is ensuring that your rug can stretch far enough to slip underneath the front two legs of all pieces of furniture. The rug will then connect with the furniture and unite the room without swamping the entirety of the floor space.


living room rug plays a key role in the space in which it lies. It can often be the most eye-catching piece of décor in the room and therefore should be placed perfectly.

CR-ED0305 Area rug positions


Not only will you want to make sure your rug is central in relation to your furniture but you will also want to make sure there is equal amount of space around the outside of the rug; keeping things equal and symmetrical will create a far more aesthetically pleasing living room.


One of the most common mistakes when buying and placing a living room rug is going too small; a rug that is too small for a room will look out of place and draw attention away from your otherwise impeccably decorated living space.

Before purchasing a rug take a few minutes to measure the area you wish to place it in and keep in mind the smallest size you are willing to buy – this will save you from bringing your new purchase home and having to manoeuvre your furniture around a poorly fitted rug.


Always remember that a rug can often become the focal point of a room; eyes will be drawn to any rug placed in the centre of any living space and as a result you must be careful to balance your rug. Ensure there is centrality and equality between rug covered space and non-rug covered space and remember that this also applies to the furniture you place on top of your rug – ensure that that too is centrally placed and sits in line with the rest of your living room furniture.

You also need to think about the style of rug you choose and if going for a bold patterned variety then ensure it won’t clash with other elements of the room – keeping the rest of your décor neutral is a great idea for this.


Finally, remember that rugs are as much about introducing new textures as they are about introducing new colours and patterns. Always opt for a rug that brings a new texture into your space and consider how you’ll complement it with other features.

Co-ordinated cushions in a similar colour, pattern, fabric or texture work especially well but you can also mimic the texture of your rug in ornaments, curtains and even wall coverings! You should also think about the type of flooring that will be found underneath your rug as although placing rugs on carpets is acceptable they can often look much better on wooden floors, laminates or vinyl flooring.

Remember to choose a non-slip backing for your rug if choosing the latter option and enjoy the feeling of warmth which the rug will bring to an otherwise cold flooring choice.

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