How to add a pop of colour to your decor

Inject colour with your décor and add character to your home.

Here are three ways to add a pop of colour to your decoration that we think will make great impact:


Cardinal cream carpet

Image shows beige carpet

Choose a design scheme or a favourite colour that you’d like to see in the room and buy vibrant furniture to match it. Neutral beige carpets are timeless and are easy to work with when it comes to adding any colour of your choice, like this beige carpet in the image.

Think about creating a feature wall too, either the same colour as your furniture or why not try out with the different shades available? This way you’ll add life to your long-forgotten rooms.


pastel carpet


Image shows pastel carpet

A subtle, soft floor can be exactly what you need in terms of adding spirit and character to a home. Pastel shades are very popular both in fashion and interiors so a pastel carpet will be a trendy option. With calming effects, the carpet will create a tranquil home as well as a stylish interior.


white carpet at carpetright_mini


Image shows Lynmouth twist carpet

It’s all about the scatter cushions! Add modern patterns and colours with ease, perfect for a true urbanite. Sleek furniture and a white carpet, furniture and walls to work with the cushions will make instant impact and will be sure to impress your family and friends.

Order free samples today to test out a range of carpets and flooring to match the pop of colour in your decor!

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