Add a burst of colour to your room for a vibrant Summer update



When you’re looking to buy a new home, one of the things on your ‘list’ is likely to be a clean colour palette. Sellers are advised to remove personality from their property by painting in neutral colours and avoiding too much garish colour.

If your house is looking a little bit too clinical because of the vast magnolia or white walls, why not inject some fun into your home with bursts of bright colour?

Colour popping might be on trend, but the concept is just replicating the great outdoors. If you think about it, even on the greyest of days, a beautiful flower or a pretty bird will break up the gloomy view with a burst of its own colour lifting your mood.

Just as seeing a flower or a bird might make you smile, one or two vibrant tones in an otherwise colourless room can create a cheerful mood inside the home. Read our colourful ideas below and bring summer indoors!


Colour popping is fairly simple to do, but choosing a colour is the hard part. The colour you choose will change the look and feel of a room, transforming it from a blank canvas to a room that oozes with personality.


Associated with wealth and royalty, purple is the colour for you if you want to create a stylish or chic living space or bedroom. It’s deep, rich tones, which suggest high quality, work best with white or pale lilacs and natural woods.




Usually considered the colour for passion, red is full of energy and warmth. Also associated with romance, what better room to introduce this bright shade than the bedroom?

If you are adding colour to your room and need flooring to match then try out various styles by ordering free flooring samples before you commit to buy!


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