7 activities for a British summer’s day

The school holidays are fast approaching, so it’s time to come up with some ideas to keep your little ones out of trouble.

Finding fun yet cost-effective ways of entertaining your little bundles of joy can be pretty tricky, so here to help you are seven amazing activities that are ideal for keeping the kids happy and healthy.

1. Visit the seaside

If you only live a short drive away from the British seaside and the sun is out, what’s stopping you from jumping in the car with a picnic? Pack some jam sandwiches, fruit and plenty of juice and you can be sure your kids will have a whale of a time.

Don’t forget the sunscreen or the buckets and spades!

Kids playing on the beach building a sand castle

2. Get gardening!

All children love to play outside, so get your little ones in their shoes and make them feel involved in the garden. Ask your children to pick out some plants they would like to see bloom this summer and teach them how to plant and look after them.

This will keep them entertained in the immediate, while also giving them some regular chores to keep up with throughout the summer.

3. Go on a bike ride

The UK is known for its vast amounts of fields and open spaces, so why not take advantage of them? Grab their bikes and head to the local park or field and let them enjoy themselves.

If your kids don’t know how to ride a bike just yet, now is your perfect chance to teach them. Get helmets and all the necessary safety gear, and equip them with a skill they’ll never forget.

Family on bike ride in the countryside

4. Play dress up

Summer holidays are a great time for children, but as we’re in Britain we all know the weather won’t hold out for us every single day. On those rainy days when getting outside seems impossible, why not use it as an opportunity to play dress up with the kids?

it’s an old favourite for good reason and you could even host your own little mini fashion show.

5. Decorate

Summer is the perfect time to finally get round to doing those odd jobs around the house – including decorating the kids’ bedroom. This is a great treat for them, so let them help with the painting and ask for their opinion on what you put in their room.

Letting them choose their own bed, curtains or accessories can produce some fun results and give your kids a room you know they’ll love.

London bus children's bed

6. Go swimming

Grab the swim suits and take your kids to the local pool for a splash of summer action. All kids love swimming and you may find some fun events being hosted at your local leisure centre.

If your kids haven’t learnt to swim yet then why not take advantage of the free time to teach them? You can enrol them in swimming lessons for the holidays, or even book accomplished swimmers onto refresher courses or advanced lessons that teach additional skills such as diving.

7. Hit the playground

Swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, monkey bars and climbing frames – you’ll find it all in your local playground. Kids love being able to run about with their friends, so why not take a trip and let them enjoy some free exercise and entertainment?

Pack the suncreen, some snacks and water to keep everyone happy and hydrated and you’re onto a winner!

Young girl playing on a swing


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