Treat your home to a fabulous new look this 2013 with Carpetright’s trendy flooring.

Despite the terribly cold weather, the clouds’ beautiful silver shades had no doubt given life to the very popular grey interior ideas.

Light Grey Carpet



Use light grey carpet to create a bright and stylish lounge. It epitomises beautiful simplicity while retaining an air of grandeur in your home. It’s also certainly ideal for making smaller rooms appear larger. Carpetright’s 100% polypropylene carpet come strain proof, which means that you can easily use this in high traffic areas in a busy family home or if you enjoy entertaining guests and family. Simply finish it off with sleek and shiny furniture and you will achieve a minimalistic look that exudes elegance.

Grey Carpet

Timeless luxury


For a fantastic living room update, we recommend combining pale blue colours with luxurious grey carpet. Revel in relaxation as your main room becomes cozy, calming and contemporary. If you are already thinking ahead though and preparing for spring and summer this 2013, then soft creams are your ideal choice for decoration. This will help create a cheery atmosphere in your family home.

Dark Grey Carpet



Dark grey or even black carpet is chic and ultra modern. Create a dramatic ambience by adding lime green furniture and décor. Additionally, dark flooring in general is ideal for large rooms because it instantaneously adds intimacy. Don’t forget it’s practical too! Dark coloured carpet shows less dirt and stains, making it great if you have a large or busy family, or simply if you enjoy entertaining family and friends often. Impress whilst having a peace of mind that its appearance is durable.

So, for fabulous, affordable flooring in 2013 head down to your Carpetright local store or browse grey carpets online now.

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