With the Chelsea Flower Show giving us plenty of ideas and inspiration, it’s now time to get thinking further about our green-leaved friends.

Indoor plants can help give your home that natural, clean look you crave and we’ve highlighted five of the best indoor plants to get you started.

Atlas wood effect vinyl from Carpetright

1. The Spider Plant

These unusual looking plants add great visual interest to the room. They are often used in bathrooms as they are functional too – they soak up the moisture from the air to help control humidity.

The Spider Plant has been in the home for many years and is yet to fall out of fashion. Its unique look always sparks an interest and they can be used as hanging plants if that’s a look you prefer.

2. English Ivy

The timeless elegance of ivy is stunning and something that has impressed British homeowners for many years. This plant is also very easy to look after but you must ensure the soil is always moist and that it is located in a cooler area.

This plant looks particularly good when potted and placed on your flooring near a window. Always opt for easy clean flooring in rooms you intend to place plants in to make the maintenance easier. We recommend wood effect vinyl flooring and laminate in natural wood effects that complement the green of the plants.

Kensington White Laminate Flooring from Carpetright

3. Rubber Tree

This easy to grow indoor plant can reach a staggering eight feet tall and create a superior natural feel in any home. This plant is often used in conservatories to really enhance the feeling of being outdoors and in order to keep it alive you should allow the soil to dry out in-between watering.

You should also keep in mind that this plant thrives in sunny conditions, so keep it near a window or in an area where it will be exposed to lots of sunlight.

4. Peace Lily

With its pretty white blooms and dark green stems, this is a favourite house plant. This plant is fantastic for rooms which receive only a little light or have small windows as it thrives during humid, darker conditions.

The Peace Lily will be the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home and can look particularly stunning against bright vinyl flooring designs or natural wood floors.

White sofa with laminate floor and indoor plants

5. Ficus

This small tree comes with tiny, shiny leaves which are guaranteed to add a touch of charm to any interior space. This tree loves the sun and will grow well with plenty of sunlight so it’s important to keep it close to a window or in your conservatory.

Remember to ensure the soil is given time to dry in-between watering too and you will be sure to see this plant grow to its full potential.

Bringing plants into your home

Bringing indoor plants into your home needn’t be tricky – just choose one of these five examples and place in rooms with easy clean flooring to bring the outdoors in with the minimum of fuss. Always opt for low maintenance plants that are easy to keep alive and enjoy a living, breathing, luscious green design accessory in your home.

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