5 of the best headboards to make a statement in your bedroom

A dream bedroom consists of many things: a luxurious bed frame, a supportive mattress, indulgent bed linen, cosy accessories and… a luscious headboard.

When it comes to lifting the appearance of your bedroom, headboards offer instant results that don’t cost the earth and also provide you with plenty of choice.

Here are our top five headboards which put a firm style stamp on your interior design and make the statement you’ve been craving. They’re all available from Carpetright so if you like what you see then you know where to get one for yourself.

1. Estelle Scrolling Smoked Chrome Headboard

For those after an intricate metal headboard with plenty of flair, the Estelle ticks all the boxes. The scrolled design meets in the middle for a symmetrical look that is classy and sophisticated; merging traditional techniques with modern materials.

Estelle scrolling smoked chrome headboard

The polished, smoked chrome finish makes this headboard the perfect addition to any bedroom. It blends seamlessly with any colour scheme and helps maintain a feeling of freedom and space thanks to its open bar design.

2. Vivienne Chenille Headboard

Chenille headboards may be a traditional choice, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a fresh, modern makeover. The Vivienne Chenille Headboard is the perfect example, taking a simple design and transforming it into a focal point with a burst of bright red colouring.

Vivienne Chenille headboard

Elegantly styled to give you the best looking bedroom around, it is ideal for those who want to add romance to their bedroom and manages to stand our without being overbearing. Perfect.

3. Tuscon Polished Metal Headboard

Another choice for fans of metal, the Tuscon headboard is distinctively more modern than the Estelle and that gives it plenty of charm. Sleek and sassy, the series of nickel and chrome finished bars run horizontally behind the bed and add something totally unique to any master bedroom.

Tucson polished metal headboard

Easy to assemble with a two-tone colour, this metal headboard is a style favourite for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd. It’s available for single, small double, double and king size beds too which means you can even fit it in kids’ rooms as the perfect addition to a teenager’s cool hangout.

4. Leon Faux Leather Headboard

With all the luxury of a leather headboard but at a fraction of the price, the Leon doesn’t compromise on style. It’s design features a single, solid plank covered in luscious faux leather material for a minimalist look that is really at home with monochrome decors.

Leon faux leather headboard

The perfect contrast to bright coloured bed linen and accessories, it is comfortable to lean on when reading at night and attractive to look at. Due to its versatility of design, this black faux leather headboard could be a particular favourite in guest bedrooms; adding an air of elegance.

5. Lorenzo Bordered Fabric Headboard

Last, but by no means least, the Lorenzo fabric headboard is a clear style winner. Available in a great mix of colours from dusky grey and neutral mink to refreshing cream and sexy aubergine, it’s sure to turn heads.

Lorenzo bordered fabric headboard

This headboard promises great depth of design with the bordered fabric bringing a delicate pattern into the style so that you get a big focal point without having too much going on. Soft and comfortable, it doesn’t scrimp on practicality either to give you the best of both worlds.

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