4 girls bedroom ideas


girls bedroom


Use a simple but stylish metal bed that will suit any interior and use your child’s favourite colour to decorate the room – and if your child changes their mind, no sweat! The design of our metal bed frames will be able to match any colour beautifully. Use clever storage to keep the room tidy, including a large chest of drawers or pretty Cath Kidston cases.

If your little one is a girly girl, why not try out pale pink décor and emphasise its beautiful colour with white bedroom furniture. Finish the look off with patterns of butterflies and add fresh flowers for a truly feminine atmosphere.


white cabin bed


Look for children’s beds that allow work, play and rest in the same place to maximise your space at home. A beautiful white cabin bed (pictured above) has shelves and drawers to help your little ones keep their books and toys tidy. It also comes with a pull out desk too, encouraging your child to do homework as well as play and be creative. Get a practical, multifunctional bed and help your children grow up into well-rounded, happy individuals.


bunk bed


Strong wooden bunk beds are ideal for shared bedrooms. They can form lots of free space for your children to play or entertain their friends. They are also sturdy, which means they are sure to survive super active children’s fun and games. Simply complete a durable bunk with pink bedding and walls and create a dreamy girl’s bedroom.


girl's bedroom wooden bed

Create a fresh look in your teenager’s bedroom with light wood effect vinyl and a wooden bed frame. Designed to have a timeless appeal, the bed can easily be decorated with fun and mature colours and patterns. Finish off with cosy cushions and soft and stylish bedding to create a mature space for your teen.

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