3 blue carpet ideas

The colour blue can truly have a calming effect in the atmosphere of your home. It is known to naturally encourage relaxation, so it’s no surprise that blue carpet is so popular in houses across the UK. Find three great blue carpet ideas that we hope will inspire…


wallpaper blue carpet


*Image by Wallpaper Magazine, featuring our Carousel Twist blue carpet

Add luxury into your bedroom with a luscious twist carpet with a high pile that will keep your bare feet warm during the coldest of mornings. Use the colour scheme of blue, grey and warm gold in your interior you’ll find yourself feeling like royalty. Finish off the look with sleek furniture and a round bed for the ultimate urban opulence. It’s a bedroom that’s sure to impress!


Carousel Twist_A_005r

*Image shows Carousel Twist Turquoise carpet

Take the plunge and add blue carpet to an orange bedroom for a dramatic look. The fun orange colour can be overpowering so use the contrasting bold blue floor for a calming effect. Some couples can only think clearly in an energising space so this idea is perfect as it creates a super stylish bedroom that has just the right balance between the two!


Ocean_3 (1)


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