3 of the best themes for boys’ bedrooms

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom it is highly unlikely that your sense of style and interior design will match theirs!

However once you’ve put the finishing touches to the Scandi, monochrome or minimal design exhibited in the rest of your home this is a chance to really let your creative juices flow.

Choosing the right theme for a boy’s bedroom can awaken their imagination and inspire them so you want to get it right.

From decorating a room in their favourite football team’s colours to themed duvet covers and headboards, your options are limitless. All you have to do is pick the right one for them.

Carousel Twist Carpet

  1. Travel

If you have a little lad who is curious about far off places and loves going on the annual family holiday then a travel theme will give them endless hours of enjoyment. It could also be educational.

Decorating a child’s bedroom doesn’t simply mean choosing patterned wallpaper; children’s beds come in all shapes and sizes so why not expand the design style to include this.

For the explorer in your family, consider swapping a traditional single bed for one in the shape of a boat or hang panels of sheer fabric from the ceiling to create a ‘mosquito net’ effect. This works particular well with cabin beds which can also have handy storage compartments and pull out desks.

Carpetright Roma Sleep station

  1. Safari

While girls tend to like the fluffier members of the animal world for boys it’s the big cats and the wild animals of the safari that capture their imagination. Give them the feeling of sleeping under the stars by painting or sticking luminous stars onto their bedroom ceilings and add an animal print duvet cover as a finishing touch.

If you have two boys sharing a room, bunk beds are a great way to maximise the space available for them to play in. An easy way to make going to bed a joy rather than a chore is to give them the look of a safari jeep with strategically placed lamps as headlights and a fold down desk as the bonnet.

  1. Circus

Turning your boy’s bedroom into a big top filled with fun and capers that he can enjoy again and again is simple, even if your painting skills aren’t up to creating a dazzling wall mural of a circus scene.

Large scale acrylic self adhesive posters and stickers can transform a room instantly but remember that children’s tastes and interests change rapidly as they grow up so avoid having to constantly redecorate by choosing items that can be easily replaced for the embellishment and keep big items – like the bed – more simple.

Standard single beds, for example, can see your boy from childhood to adulthood and be placed in any wider bedroom surrounding – from a circus tent to a chic modern boudoir.

Carpetrigh Tuscan Natural Single bed

Try any of these great bedroom designs and your little lad will sure to be over the moon.

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