10 brilliant things about rainy days

Living in England can often mean only one thing: rain!

With the great British weather well known for letting us down when we need it most, it’s time to put down that idea of having a BBQ and sunbathing with a pina colada, and embrace the rainy English weather instead with these 10 brilliant things to do when the clouds turn grey.

1. You can hold Jigsaw competitions

Relaxing, therapeutic and something the whole family can enjoy, a good jigsaw puzzle is guaranteed to get the everybody having fun.

Family making a puzzle

If your children are a little older, set them up as teams and have a competition to see who can complete their puzzle the fastest.

2. You can enjoy family film days

Make the most of being stuck inside by finding something good to watch. Get everyone in the family to pick some films and start your own movie marathon.

Close the curtains, grab the popcorn and settle down for the day.

3. You finally get chance to redecorate

Whether it is the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom, chances are there is one part of your home that needs sprucing up.

Work the weather to your advantage and use up your rainy day by decorating. Kids can help with a splash of painting and might even get a new bedroom out of it!

Airsprung kids single divan bed with storage


4. You can really relax

There is nothing better than relaxing in the bathtub, surrounded by bubbles and candles. While the rain takes centre stage outside, you can enjoy peace and quite inside.

A reading book and glass of bubbly are must-have accompaniments to this activity.

5. You can get the housework done

Make your rainy day as productive as possible by getting behind the vacuum cleaner and giving your home a scrub from top to bottom. Give that kitchen floor the once over with the mop, and organise those cupboard’s you’ve been meaning to sort. If you’ve got little ones with you then there’s no reason why they can’t help too, and you can even promise a special dinner or treat as a reward for their hard work.

What’s even better is having a spotless home means you won’t be stuck indoors cleaning next time the sun shines.

Black Slate Effect Vinyl Tiles


6. You can have fun in the kitchen

If you can’t enjoy baking a lovely cake and treating yourself to a sweet treat when it’s raining, then when can you?

Get online to find the perfect recipe, then let the kids take care of the icing and decorating. You can make your own mini feast of both sweet and savoury items if you like.

7. You can play board games

Snakes and Ladders? Cluedo? Chess? We all have our favourite board games, and whether you play them in the traditional way or through modern versions available on games consoles, they are sure to keep you occupied.

Split the family into teams, play against each other for prizes, or enjoy a free-for-all approach that lets you have fun.

Family playing a board game


8. You can still have a picnic

Bad weather doesn’t mean the end of your picnic or BBQ plans. Prepare and cook the food indoors before setting everything out on a blanket on the floor.

Gather round with the kids and share party food, squash and maybe some of your baked cakes and treats from earlier.

9. You can pamper youself

If the rainy weather has put you in a bad mood, then why not give yourself a day of pampering?

Put on a face mask and paint your nails a nice, bright colour to cheer you up. When else will you get this much time to yourself?

10. You can camp indoors

Whether you let the kids build their own den out of sheets or erect a play tent in your living room, it’s easy to bring the experience of camping indoors.

Perfect for rainy days, let your children make up their own games to keep themselves occupied and remember to keep them replenished with snacks and water or get them to “hunt” for it as if they’re really in the wild!

Child playing with toys in tent


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