Spring bedroom inspiration with Ros Anderson

New Year, new season, time for a new look at home. If the idea of a top-to-bottom makeover of your house is a bit overwhelming then you’re certainly not alone.

So why not indulge yourself for once and give a new look to the one space that isn’t shared with kids, visitors and guests – your own bedroom.

Get your sleeping space ready for spring by introducing these lighter, brighter bedroom decorating ideas, perfect for an easy update of your home with some of the latest design trends.

White luxury interior design

White! It doesn’t sound that ground-breaking as a trend, but if you’re looking for a fresh start in your bedroom then this is a great way to give your room a really clean, restful feel.

We’re comfortable with white gloss kitchens and all-white bathrooms, but going for a pure white bedroom can feel a bit daunting. The key here is to stop it feeling either clinical or studenty by combining pure white walls and floors with some glamorous elements.

White bed linen shot through with silver threads, mirrored side tables, a pretty glass chandelier. These details will add depth and richness to an all-white scheme.

Sensual Saxony Plain Carpet

For the bed think of decadent details – a buttoned upholstered headboard in pale velvet or a girly iron bed frame in ivory for example. And on the floor think about a white laminate flooring in oak topped with a pale shaggy rug, or go all-out with a snowy white carpet that feels wonderful underfoot.

Quattro 8 Loft White Laminate Flooring

Pale pink bedroom ideas

Rose Quartz has been named as one of their colours of the year.

Rose Quartz

This hue is a soft, warm pink that can be used to create a beautifully feminine bedroom – or teamed with other pale pastels for a more modern look. Pink walls can look a bit saccharine, so choose a paint colour that has a flesh tone to it, like pale plaster, that will act as a warm neutral.

Add a bed frame in white or natural wood and a carpet in a natural, sandy tone. To this pinky base you can add notes of pale blue, perfect for a good night’s sleep – soft yellow, or even surprising notes of dusty red or orange to make the look more on-trend.

Airsprung Aida Wood Bed Frame

Global brights & patterns

Want a more dynamic change? Tropical continues as a really strong trend, and this season it’s moving from the living room into the bedroom.

Mardi Gras 599 Sagres Patterned Vinyl Flooring

Bright pink or turquoise are both key colours – put them on the walls if you’re feeling brave, or limit them to your bedlinen or a colourful rug if you want a mellower take on the look.

Add bamboo accessories and palm prints, as well as patchwork prints for curtains and throws. Global prints that we’re already familiar with – Aztec zig-zags, Moroccan or Japanese geometrics,

Mediterranean dip-dyes – all of these are part of this mixed-up trend so pile on the scatter cushions and create a bedroom that is young, fun and vibrant.

Why don’t you order free samples and test out each of the flooring ideas to see if they work in your home.