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lina Isaev caught up with Sarah Anguish, blogger of Boo, Roo and Tiger Too, who is writing about renovating her home while she continues to lead a busy life with her family…

When did you first start your blog and why?

I started back in August 2011, just as I was about to return to work following maternity leave with Tigger.  I’d read many blogs whilst I was on maternity leave but the majority of them were about being SAHMs (stay at home mums).  I wanted to share my thoughts on trying to juggle motherhood whilst working and the nightmare that is childcare.

Is this the first time you have blogged about redecorating your home?

Yes, I always worry what my readers will think of my little home.

Are your redecorating your whole house or only certain rooms?

At the moment we are just renovating two of the three bedrooms; replacing door linings, doors, architrave, skirting boards, coving and a re-skim of plaster too. Along with painting, replacing soft furnishings and of course carpets.

Do you find it hard to keep your home looking great with your messy little ones?

Yes and no, I think that if you show them early enough where toys go etc and make it a game they will want to help tidy up.  Crumbs are my nemesis, sometimes I don’t have the time to get the vacuum out so I really would love to treat myself to a handheld one so I can get rid of messes before they spread or get trampled into the carpet.

What is your favourite Carpetright flooring and why?

Your Caress carpet range lives up to its name! We just purchased the carpet in beige for both bedrooms and found it’s soft under bare feet and invites you to stroke it when you’re sitting on the floor.  Shortly after we moved in to our current home we put laminate flooring down and for us as a family it didn’t work.  Personally, I love the feeling of sinking your toes into carpet, it adds warmth to a room.

What would your youngest say if we asked, “Where would you go if you had a magic carpet?”

Tigger would go to the Island of Sodor to visit the Fat Controller and all the trains.

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