House Envy: Ros Anderson

This month House Envy visits Ros Anderson, interiors blogger and journalist. Ros lives in Margate, Kent. Here she tells us about the family heirlooms, crafts and seaside inspiration that make her home unique.

This month, Carpetright takes a peek inside the home of Ros Anderson

Your Home

Where do you live?

I have a flat on the cliff-top in Margate.

Margate harbour

Sum up your interior style in 3 words

Vintage, moody, pink.

What is your favourite room in your home & why?

My office is my favourite room in the flat. It’s quite small, but it has a beautiful view out over the sea. The view is endlessly changing – sometimes you can see the beach and rock pools, other times the tide is up and it’s like being on a boat. It’s a wonder I ever get any work done!

The room faces north so I have painted it a lovely warm pink (so much of my house is pink!). It’s Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball, and it’s a wonderfully cosy colour that reacts to the changing light. It’s pretty but not – I hope – too girlie. It opens onto a landing where I have put a beautiful Surface View wall mural – it goes around the door and frames the room inside perfectly.

Ros Anderson's wall mural

Most of the furniture in my house is vintage, but I have a big trestle desk from Ikea to work at – plain ply-wood top with metal legs in a sort of bronze colour. I have a very cool little bamboo chair by the window so I can sit and look out with a cup of tea. The floor is bare boards but I have a rug down at one end to keep it cosy, and the rug is a lovely place to sit and play records on my old record player. Right next to the window is a little painting of a sailing boat on a rough sea – the blue of the sea looks lovely with the pink walls, and it means even at night I can see the sea.

Ros Anderson's rooms

What is your favourite object in your home & why?

My favourite things in my house are mostly things that I inherited from my Grandma. She loved digging around sale rooms and auctions, and I find that my style is pretty similar. She gave me lots of her old crockery which I have at home now – it’s called Beryl Ware by Woods & Sons. It’s a 40s design in mint green, and it used to be used in hospitals, canteens and was very popular in village halls. It was a WI staple. It looks lovely displayed on open shelves and is a lovely reminder of my Grandma’s house. I also treasure a cushion I made out of a piece of half-finished embroidery I found in a junk shop. Not from Grandma, but quite granny-ish in style!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am always looking on blogs, at Pinterest and in magazines. And I visit other people’s homes a lot for work so that is also inspiring. When I decorated this house I tried to be influenced by what I saw outside the window, and the age of the house. Looking out at the sand, sea and sky you see lots of soft, natural colours – blues, greens and pinks. This is what I used as the basis for the colour scheme. Margate itself is also very inspiring – there are so many shops selling cool retro furniture that I’m never short on ideas.

Ros Anderson's living room

What is your view on D.I.Y?

I’m better at starting things than finishing. I don’t mind a bit of painting – in fact it’s quite therapeutic – but my experience of decorating a few homes tells me that anything else I need help with. I’m really not very handy.

Whose home do you have House Envy of?

My co-blogger Jill has a beautiful house and I love what she’s done there. Where I am a vintage magpie, she has a great eye for contemporary design, so her place always looks really modern and inspiring to me. I also adore Dennis Severs’ house in London’s Spitalfields. It’s a weavers house from the 1700s, decorated in period style. It’s open to the public, and going there always inspires me about how to decorate an old house with style.

To find out more about Ros, you can reach her via her website or social media:


Twitter: @myfriendshouse

Facebook: My-Friends-House

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