House Envy: Lauren Coleman

This month we’ve been lucky enough to get a glance inside the beautiful rural home of Lauren Coleman, editor of the hugely popular lifestyle blog Rock My Style – and her interior style really does rock!

Lauren Coleman - editor at Rock My Style

Where do you live (which town/city)?

I live in a Northamptonshire village.

Sum up your interior style in 3 words

Feminine, lived-in, light

What is your favourite room in your home & why?

Lauren Coleman's master bedroom

I’ve just moved house, however, my favourite room in my previous cottage was the master bedroom as it was light, bright and relaxing. We used the other bedrooms to store our clothing so the room was furnished very minimally with just the bed, love seat and small chest.

I’ve lost count of the amount of people who’ve asked me what paint we used to create the calm space. We painted the walls with a Dulux white paint which was the perfect flat, matte neutral.

What is your favourite object in your home & why?

Cox & Cox Tray Table

This changes regularly but I have a soft spot for my Cox and Cox tray table. It’s lived in various places and has made its way on to the set of many a photo shoot.

I’ve used it as a bar tray, living room side table and bedside stand so it’s really versatile and blends with all styles from industrial to rustic.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Lauren Coleman's living room

Everywhere! Mostly through Pinterest and Instagram and the internet as a whole. I could scroll through blogs for hours if I had the time.

I’m also inspired by the places I visit and have designed whole rooms around one trinket I’ve bought on my travels.

What is your view on D.I.Y?

Upcycled table in front of sofa

I adore upcycling and customising. One of the most successful projects was repurposing a pallet to replace the top of a tired table.

In the past, budget has meant I’ve attempted to DIY but often found I’ve made some expensive mistakes and ended up buying the original I was trying to copy!

Whose home do you have House Envy of??

Though it’s a very different style to my own I have a huge crush on the clean design aesthetic of Sarah Sherman Samuel. She seems to effortlessly blend modern and vintage and her home is absolutely stunning.


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