Get The Look: Interior Layering


As the summer sun fades it’s time to think about adding that little something extra to your home that will bring colour, texture and a touch of cosiness. Layering is a concept that we’re all familiar with from fashion – and something we’re likely to see lots of during London Fashion Week later this month – but it’s also big news in interiors. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve this look at home.

Westend Velvet Avocado (Sloan Black & Maestro Chevron Black)_final

Plain on plain

The safest and most sophisticated way of adding layers to a room is to focus on texture rather than pattern – no danger of it looking like an explosion in a rug factory this way! Pick a subdued colour palette using naturals like cream, stone or Mocca and look for products in different textures that all fall within this shade. You don’t want exact matches of colour – subtle differences in shade will add depth and visual interest and stop the whole room looking too bland. Natural carpets and rugs are great for this, with a sisal or jute rug adding some rough, rustic texture over a plain carpet. If you want something softer underfoot then think about natural materials like sheepskin for a cosy feel. Team with natural wood accessories and plain unbleached linen upholstery and you’ll have a timeless look that is anything but boring.

Layering up patterns and plains

Patterned rug on plain rug

Pattern really does pack a punch, and adding a patterned rug to a plain carpet or laminate floor will give your room a dramatic lift. It’s similar to putting a patterned cushion or throw on a plain sofa – another good way to get the layered look. If you have an established colour scheme in your room then look for a rug that picks out this theme – it could be a small purple detail on a rug that chimes with your purple cushions and curtains for example. This will help the whole scheme feel coherent. Layering of course can go way beyond the floor – another clever way of adding a layered feel is with paint. Many paint companies now do different shades of a single colour, and this is perfect for creating a layered look on your walls. Using different shades of the same base colour for walls, woodwork, alcoves, doors and even the ceiling will create a scheme with real depth and interest, but no danger of a colour clash!

Pattern on pattern on pattern

bed print layering

Because not every room has to be sane and sober! We’ve seen this trend already in fashion – think of this summer’s mix of little florals with Aztec triangles and animal prints – anything goes! In interiors this is translating as a global eclectic look, drawing prints from different cultures and mixing them all up with vintage furniture and lots of colour. Be brave and break all the rules – here rugs with lots of different colours in an abstract pattern are great. Don’t be afraid to have more than one rug – overlapping rugs in traditional prints, stripes and plains all look great when but together in a large space. And to keep it all just this side of crazy, stick with a single colour for the walls.

Carpetright will be partnering with London Fashion Weekend later this month by supplying some of our luxury carpet and rugs. Keep checking back for more information and fashion inspired posts!

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