Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide


In order to work out how much carpet or vinyl you will need you must first measure your room to find the dimensions required.


Measuring a standard rectangular room

To do this, simply measure the room across its longest and widest part in square metres, and multiply the two dimensions (for example a room 4.2m x 5.6m = 23.54m2)


Measuring an ‘L shaped’ room


If your room is an irregular shape, then measure the length and the width at the widest/longest points to ensure you have enough flooring to cover all areas.

Make sure you measure into any alcoves; it is always better to have too much carpet or vinyl than too little! To run your carpet or vinyl into a doorway, measure to where the carpet or vinyl will finish underneath the door. You should then add 10 centimetres (4 inches) onto each measurement. This will allow for cutting, trimming and will help ensure quality fitting. Therefore if your room is 5×3.9 mtr you will need to order carpet or vinyl measuring 5.1×4 mtr.


The real art of carpet fitting is to fit your room with as few separate pieces of carpet as possible so have a look at our measuring video guides that will help you do this accurately! We advise you measure twice, to be extra accurate.

We can take your hassle of measuring away if you book a free home measuring and estimating service. This way one of our flooring experts will do this accurately for you and not only should it reduce carpet waste and save money, but you’re sure to end up with a beautiful, professional finish too!