Are the World’s most expensive beds actually practical?

Just won the lottery and looking for something ostentatious to splash the cash on? Then why not spend it on one of the world’s most expensive beds?!

Whilst these beds may offer the last word in decadence and luxury, and have price tags big enough to make your average oil baron blush – do they have enough practical substance to back up their undeniable style?

Let’s find out.




Price: £4 million

Holding the official title of the world’s most expensive bed, it’s probably unsurprising that only two Baldacchino Supreme’s were ever commissioned.

Piling decadence upon decadence, these beds are hand carved from three kinds of wood by designer Stuart Hughes, and finished with the finest Italian silk and cotton. As a final flourish the headboard can be fully customised with your own hand-picked selection of precious stones.

Is it practical?

Not really!

The bed is very tall and wide, so those with low ceilings or smaller bedrooms should probably look elsewhere. It’s also fairly heavy, with the bed frame’s 24 carat gold core weighing over 200lbs by itself, so you’ll need to pull in a few favours from your friends and neighbours to get it up the stairs! Whilst there looks to be a bit of space under the frame, we reckon it’s fair to ask for a bed frame with storage for £4 million!




Price: £1 million

Defy gravity and float on air with this ultra-modern magnetic floating bed from Dutch designer Janjaap Ruijssenaars. Designed to provide a blissful feeling of weightlessness, it’s guaranteed to please gadget lovers and style aficionados alike (though it probably should do for £1 million!).

Is it practical?

Not in the slightest!

The magnets needed to keep this bed afloat weigh in at 1500lbs, so you’ll almost certainly need to have your floors reinforced before fitting it.

When combined with the fact that it’s completely lacking storage space, and you’ll have to remove all other metallic items from the house to use it safely, it’s probably not worth the hassle of having it installed – get a storage bed instead!




Price: £125,000

Made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, and inspired by the grandiose style of the 17th century beds used by the royals, these handcrafted beds from Savoir are made from the finest materials sourced from across the globe.

Latin American horse hair, Mongolian cashmere, and over 1,600 miles of silk thread go into these beds, which are manufactured in Britain and take over 700 hours to construct. You’ll have to be quick if you want to get hold of one, as there are only 60 being made.

Is it practical?

Probably not…

From the picture, the bed looks to be at least 10 feet tall, so unless you’ve just invested in a mansion or country house, you’ll probably struggle to get it into your bedroom without making some ‘adjustments’! Despite it’s generous proportions, the bed is also sorely lacking in storage.


So the verdict is in – whilst they might be beautiful, it’s a definite case of style over substance! None of these super high-end beds can cut it in the real world, so you’re better saving your millions for something else – maybe a nice superyacht.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your perfect bed. Whether you’re looking for a storage bed, a bed frame with storage or divan beds, you’ll find a full range of high quality, practical options over at our online shop, all at fantastic prices.

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