To mark its fifth birthday, the Campaign for Wool celebrates Wool Week this year between the 6th-12th of October with a whole range of different activities and events for everyone to get involved in.

HRH the Prince of Wales continues to raise the profile and public awareness of this fantastically versatile natural fibre with his status as patron – and when it comes to floor coverings, more and more of us are choosing wool over laminates or synthetics.

Natural flooring and painted floorboards have been deemed trendy and stylish over the past few years but for those us that enjoy the warmth of a carpet between our toes on a cold winter morning, wool carpet continues to be a more popular choice.

Whilst wool carpeting is not the cheapest option on the market for homeowners, increasing amounts of consumers are demanding the more organic and chemical-free option it provides. Browse some of Carpetright’s range of wool carpets.

Here are just a few of the reasons why wool carpets are still a British favourite.


These days we are all aware of the need to recycle, to use renewable energy resources and be as eco-friendly as we can with our lifestyles and purchases. Natural wool is a resource that’s renewed like clockwork every single summer when the sheep are sheered. It grows back to keep them warm over the winter.


Although there is a chance a wool carpet may cost you more initially, this expense can be easily weighed against its life expectancy. The natural fibres keep their shape and withstand the daily foot traffic and wear and tear of our homes for longer than their synthetic counterparts. Being able to support weight efficiently, whilst also being comfortable to touch makes, it a great ergonomic option for anyone suffering with aching joints or conditions.


Just because wool is a natural fibre doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Many people fall under the illusion that wool has to be either white or off-white whereas the truth is that there are a number of different colours and designs that you can choose from.

When it comes to coloured wool it is very rare that anything other than natural pigments will have been used in the dyes; a great comfort to anyone with allergies or sensitivity to chemical treatments.


If your house suffers from the cold then fitting a wool carpet can help with insulation; whether it is 100% or partially woollen. There’s a reason that we traditionally reach for a woolly jumper when winter arrives and the same rules apply to the flooring in our home.


Wool is naturally fire and flame retardant so it offers plenty of safety benefits to homeowners and is particularly popular with families who want to do everything in their power to protect their little ones and provide a safe environment for them to live in.


We all lead increasingly busy lives and having to worry about spills and stains on a nice new carpet can be stressful – especially if you have young children or pets. With a wool carpet you can relax and know that there is little you can do that will inflict long term damage.

With all these benefits and more, it’s clear why wool carpets are so popular. Why not celebrate them this Wool Week by bringing them into your home?

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