Choosing the most ideal home flooring is an important decision. You need to budget carefully and plan on a practical level as you’ll be living with it for years to come!

Firstly, think about… the amount of traffic a room has, its use, care and colour and design elsewhere in the room. Many people aren’t aware that vinyl is an increasingly good option for flooring in a range of rooms. It suits most budgets and looks good, making it a wise investment.


True Colours green vinyl


Image shows True Colours vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in scores of colours and designs with some of the most effective ones echoing beautiful patterns found in nature. Different hues and types of woods, a range of marbles and aesthetically pleasing stones are all part of the catalogue of vinyl designs available so you’ll feel as though you’re walking on the real thing!

The selection of styles makes vinyl flooring ideal for many rooms too – whether you want a tiled effect vinyl for the kitchen or a wooden effect for your living room.


Bounce Vinyl


Image shows Bounce vinyl

Looking after vinyl flooring is very straightforward. There are special detergents on the market but a regular sweep and surface clean will take care of most vinyl flooring anywhere in the home. The trick is to not overload it with water and instead clean using damp materials before drying thoroughly.

That said, the floor can also work in other rooms like the kitchen and bathroom as the moisture doesn’t have as adverse an effect as other types of floors do.

PRACTICAL YET STYLISH Tegola luxury vinyl tiles custom

Image shows Tegola luxury vinyl tiles

With so many designs and colours to choose from it’s tempting to think of vinyl as alternative flooring for the entire home. A lounge, bedroom or dining room can look fantastic with a natural design and can be warmed up with a couple of rugs.

Also, if you choose to buy luxury vinyl tiles, you can customise the flooring to create a space that really fits your personality, such as the striped vinyl tiles in the image above.


topaz mosaic vinyl flooring


Image shows Topaz mosaic vinyl flooring

Vinyl doesn’t come solely in natural deigns. There is a range of choices which are very artistic – like a mosaic look. Both bold and subtle styles exist so you can find exactly what you want for your dream home.


One of the best aspects of vinyl is that it’s good value for money. You can get a fabulous-looking floor without breaking the bank!


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