How to use Carpet Gripper

carpet gripper


You have finally chosen the perfect carpet and cannot be more excited to have it fitted. Remember that to maintain your new flooring you will need to vacuum it and clean it regularly to keep it as good as new. So, our carpet grippers make sure that every edge and corner stays fixed to the floor, preventing it from sliding while you clean and vacuum, making sure it looks great year after year. Some even suggest that it extends the life of the carpet!

Gripper Guide:

1. Buy Gripper – to install your new flooring so that it does not slip

2. Prepared and ready to use – our high quality gripper comes with pre-nailed and screwed for easy installation and fitting

3. Easily cut to size – simply use gripper shears or a small saw to cut it to the required length

4. A fingertip length apart – fix the gripper approximately 1cm away from the wall

5. Place carpet on top – by placing the carpet on the gripper, you will ensure that the carpet will not slide or move from when you have placed it

6. Finished result – with simple installation you can see your carpet last for years.

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