Top 10 dreams and what they mean

Have you ever had a dream, woken up and thought, Hmm, I wonder what that meant? Well, wonder no more! Our fun guide can help you make sense of your dreams and maybe even unlock those mysteries that you’ve always wondered about. Like, who really ate the last slice of that cheesecake?

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  1. Being chased: This is a common dream. It usually means that you are dealing with an issue in your life that you want to resolve, but are unable to.
  2. Falling: If you have been feeling stressed and you have this dream, more often than not, it means that you are holding on to something that you’re scared of losing. If this sounds familiar, try talking to someone, to find out the real reason you’re scared of losing control.
  3. Flying: Flying tends to be a positive sign in dreams. It represents freedom, so it means that you are feeling liberated. If you’ve just left a job you dislike or ended a negative relationship, don’t be surprised if you have this dream. It’s a celebration of your freedom!
  4. Naked: This is a very common dream and not as strange as it sounds. It just means you feel exposed and vulnerable.
  5. Driving a vehicle: A vehicle in your dream represents your progress towards a certain goal or objective. So, if you have yet to do this, take the steering wheel and navigate your own way in life!
  6. Tsunami: To see a tidal wave represents change and a fresh new start, it can also represent an overwhelming emotional issue that needs attention.
  7. Being unable to shout: If you have a dream where you find yourself in a dangerous situation but you can’t make a sound to raise the alarm, it usually means that you have difficulty expressing yourself in life. Trying out new, creative hobbies like writing or painting can help you express yourself in artistic ways.
  8. Being unable to find a toilet: Toilets aren’t the most obvious symbols in a dream. But, if you’re unable to find a toilet, it usually means that your important needs aren’t being met. So, you may have to sit down and work out what those important needs are.
  9. Rushing or missing an appointment: Dreaming about rushing or being late for something means you’re missing out on life experiences or an opportunity and are feeling unfulfilled. So, take charge by engaging in different experiences. This will help make you feel more fulfilled.
  10. Unprepared for an important event: Have you ever had a dream where you turn up for an exam or job interview and realise you are totally unprepared? This dream indicates that you are critical of yourself in life and judge yourself harshly. In other words, relax and try to enjoy life a bit more!

Hopefully, with this fun guide, your dreams will make more sense and maybe even help you live a more fun-filled life!

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