How to spring clean your home in 5 easy steps

Springtime brings with it many happy events – baby lambs in the field, the first bloom of daffodils in the garden and the promise of a nice, fresh home as we embrace the age old tradition of the annual ‘spring clean’.

So, where did this tradition come from? Some believe it is derived from Jewish or Persian customs whereby the home is prepared for the New Year ahead – (the Persian New Year begins at the beginning of spring, while the Jewish community prepare for Passover).

Regardless of its origin, the practice is a welcome one as we dust off the doom and gloom of winter and commemorate the arrival of spring by giving our homes a good, thorough clean.

No matter what size your house is, the thought of cleaning it from top to bottom can be a daunting one, so here are five handy tips for a nice shiny abode..

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A good place to start is the kitchen; the hub of the home. Yes, it’s time to sort out all those kitchen drawers and cupboards. Cleaning them, inside and out, will not only look good as you get rid of all those grubby food stains, but you will feel fantastic having rid yourself of all the junk mail, random keys and superfluity of pens that just don’t work anymore.

The fridge is next; followed by the floors and voilà – you have a kitchen ready for anything you (and your family) can throw at it.


The bathroom is a room used possibly just as much as the kitchen. It’s time to get some soapy water, a long-shafted brush and a large cloth and clean those wall tiles. Whether your tiles are white or coloured, they will accumulate a lot of dust, not to mention germs, and finger marks, especially the ones in the vicinity of your toilet. Next, it’s onto those shower doors – invest in a rubber scraper, which is great at getting into the corners and removing hidden grime.

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Stains and layers of dust are not attractive, and also certainly not hygienic. Surface wipes are a good ready-made alternative to the more traditional cloth, and are also more hygienic as they can be disposed of straight away.  It’s an age-old saying that when you’re your surfaces are clean; your whole house looks clean!


As with anything, if you don’t maintain your carpet well and keep it clean, it will start to look unattractive and dirty. You should aim to clean your carpets once a year, twice if possible. You can hire out machinery like The Rug Doctor, or buy detergents like Vanish, which are suitable for certain types of carpet. If you have certain rooms in your house that are used more than others, it may be time to consider a new carpet to start the year off with afresh. Buying a new carpet for individual rooms can help to spread the cost and also allows you to concentrate on perfecting one particular room at a time.



From dust mites to dead skin cells, your mattress harbours a lot of unsavoury characters, so you must ensure that you take good care of your mattress, and also when you buy a new mattress, ensure that it is the best one for you and your lifestyle. Vacuum it first to suck up any visible dirt and hairs. A good airing is a must but it’s not always possible for a long period of time, so make sure you are turning your mattress at least every 3 months. It will also help to grab a sponge, a mixture of detergent, some lemon juice and soap and get scrubbing! But remember to leave your mattress to try completely before putting your bed linen back on.

Make sure your home is sparkling clean this spring 2015!

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