How to remove coffee stains from carpet



A report published by Saga claims we drink 70 million cups of coffee in the UK, every day. With such popularity, there’s no doubt that many of those coffees end up on the carpet, leaving you with the stress of what to do next.


With this solution, time is of the essence and for best results the stain should still be wet:

  1. Using a clean cloth or sponge blot the coffee spill to try and soak the majority up before it sets in the carpet – Do not wipe or rub as this could damage the carpet fibres
  2. Using either plain water or a detergent solution (one teaspoon of washing powder to half a pint of water) or suitable carpet shampoo diluted as per the manufacturers instructions
  3. Blot dry

Carpetright‘s Kosset Aqua Pro Tec carpets have a protective barrier which makes any liquid spill sit on top, allowing you more time to clean it up naughty stains.

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