Plan a half-term karaoke night

With half term just a few weeks away, parents across the country will soon be digging out the board games, planning days out and scouring the Internet for creative ideas in an effort to keep their kids entertained throughout the break.

Though it’s just a few days off school, the inevitably bad winter weather and short days make it tough to get out and about, and with few opportunities to work off excess energy, kids can easily end up feeling a little cooped up.

However, just because an activity is inside doesn’t mean it has to be low key. Just organise a half-term karaoke night to see what we mean!

Girl singing karaoke

Full of fun, energy and excitement, a day of singing and dancing is great for kids and parents alike – and all it takes is a little bit of creativity, initiative and that all-important star quality.

Setting the scene

With the Brit Awards coming up, there’s a good chance your kids will have been practicing their moves in front of the mirror and perfecting their singing voice in the shower, so getting them excited and enthused about a karaoke night shouldn’t be too hard.

If you want to get even more entertainment value out of your evening, get the children involved in making decorations for the event during the day.

From tinsel curtains to cushion stages, there are loads of ways that you can transform your home into a karaoke room and make your kids feel like stars.


In order to give your little Taylor Swifts and Justin Biebers room to do their thing, it’s a good idea to move any ornaments or breakable furnishings out of the space before you begin.

Moving sofas and chairs to the edge of the room to create a performance area will also help to boost the sense of occasion and make the evening more fun.

As your kids will probably want to dance, jump and spin as they sing, try to choose a room with tough laminate flooring or tiles that can withstand the activity. You can even get stone effect laminate flooring or wood-effect options if you want the best of both worlds.

If the room normally has rugs placed on top of the laminate or tiles and there is likely to be a lot of movement then sliding these out of the way is recommended too.

That way you won’t have to worry about little ones sliding about and hurting themselves – or wearing a hole in your carpet!


Whether you’re five, fifteen or fifty, there are few things more fun than dressing up. Wigs, sparkly outfits, capes, glasses and face paint are all great for karaoke nights and will help make the photos from the evening looking fantastic.

If you’ve got time during the day, take the kids to a local charity shop and get them to pick out a few items for the dressing up box. This will help to get them excited and get them thinking creatively about their outfit.

Little girl applying make up



If your children are around the same age, there are bound to be disagreements over who gets to sing what. To prevent this, try dividing their favourite tunes equally before you begin to ensure everyone is happy with their choice of song.

Fun, creative and affordable, a home karaoke evening is a great way to entertain the kids this half term

Crack out that microphone, warm up those vocal chords and getting singing!

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