Let’s face it, remodelling a bathroom or giving the kitchen a thorough clean are stressful enough without throwing in the nuisance of scuffed or dented flooring when you decide you need to move around your heavier appliances – like your fridge freezer.  So you’ll appreciate how important it is to have a plan of action before you get started.

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The first step to avoiding unnecessary damage is to choose the right flooring type for your room. Vinyl is an excellent choice for any home; the installation is easy, it’s simple to maintain, durable and comes in a great range of designs. The same can be said for laminate.

However, without proper care and consideration, it can be susceptible to damage from the feet of appliances dragging along the surface. This is easily avoided and by following our simple steps you can continue to enjoy your pristine designer vinyl or laminate flooring for years to come.

  • Plan the move

Taking steps to map out how you are going to move your appliances is an essential part of avoiding damage. Start by measuring your items and doorways and ensuring things are safely switched off and unplugged. Be sure to remove contents and secure doors (a carton of milk or an oven shelf flying at your face will only impede this already arduous process).

  • Cleaning

Ensuring the flooring is spotlessly clean before you move your appliances is more important than you might think. Dirt and grime on the floor’s surface creates friction, making large objects harder to move and your flooring easier to rip and scrape. Give the floors a good mop beforehand and allow time to dry before making the move.

  • Making the move

Once your floors are clean and dry, the safe removal of appliances can begin. There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on the size and weight of the appliance and your own judgement.

The most convenient is to use an appropriate sized piece of hardboard (available from DIY retailers) which will require you to lift the appliance up just enough to slip the hardboard underneath and then carefully manoeuvre the item onto it. Now just simply guide it along with your appliance on top.

If using hardboard isn’t possible, the other option is to rent a dolly to transport your heavy appliances – the handles and wheels offer support and the ability to lean your items back and move them with ease.

There you have it, a daunting task made simple! Now for the fun part – take a look at the best laminate flooring and amazing vinyl choices in our online shop.

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