Moving your child from the cot to a bigger bed

When the time comes for your child to move to a bigger bed, there are a number of things for parents to consider.

Take a look at our useful tips on how to manage this transition, making it easy for your little ones as well as for yourself!


Cabin bed at Carpetright


Image shows Carpetright’s Cabin bed

When moving your child from the cot to a bigger bed the most important thing to do is choose a suitable bed frame.

Pick a safe bed that poses no risk to your child. A lot of parents prefer small single beds as they’re smaller and can fit into the corner of nearly any room in the home. So, if you’re thinking of changing the bed but want to keep it in the master bedroom where the cot was, then a small single may be a great option.

Add rail guards to a single bed to reduce the risk of them falling out at night.

Make moving to a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ bed an exciting time for your child. You’ll find that there are many beds available, including themed beds, beds with built-in desks, drawers and even pull-out guest beds ideal for friends sleeping over. Why not ask for your child’s opinion to what they’d prefer and involve them in their bed moving process.


Sleeping in a new bed can seem strange and cause problems initially for toddlers.

Use familiar teddies and blankets to help them feel cosy and comfortable. You can also use their normal bed covers from their cot in their new bed to make the transition seamless, however steer away from this if you are making a big deal about them moving beds as they should see and feel the difference that they are growing up and moving to a big bed!


Roma Sleep Station Open_mini


Image shows Roma children’s bed

If you’re moving the child to their own bedroom or are replacing the cot with a bigger bed, why not switch the room round and redecorate?

Involve your child in the decoration of the bedroom and make it an exciting and positive experience for your child so that they feel more comfortable with the transition to the new bed. It will, after all, be the space where they will be spending most of their time so they need to feel comfortable in it.

Create a themed bedroom. There are plenty of children’s bedroom ideas to be inspired by, have a look at our Children’s Bedroom Pinterest board for some fun ideas.

Reassure your child about what to expect, maintain all your normal bedtime routines and ensure they are comfortable in their new bed. With these tips and a bit of luck, you’ll have no problem throwing away that cot!

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