Although carpets have been popular in homes for a long while, there is no standard way of measuring a room for a carpet fitting. All rooms are different in their own way, but planning ahead can reduce the chances of problems occurring during fitting.

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Manufacturers tend to produce their carpets in standard widths, usually twelve or thirteen and a half feet. This means that, if your room is wider than this, then it is likely that you will need more than one piece of carpet.  The real art of carpet fitting is to fit your room with as few separate pieces of carpet as possible so have a look at our measuring video guides that will help you do this accurately!


Draw a diagram of your room and mark the measurements on it as you take them. For a square or rectangular room simply measure the length and the width. By multiplying the two figures together you will end up with a total square foot measurement. When taking measurements, it is better to measure to the nearest square foot. It is not a good idea simply to give the actual room measurements to the carpet supplier.

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Take the pattern into account when measuring. Measure the repetition of the pattern, and try to plan on your diagram how the pattern will fit into the width or length of your room. You may need to allow as much as an extra 10 per cent to allow for the carpet design.


Many rooms have irregular shapes, so you may have to take into account individual room differences. Do this either by ensuring that you allow a significant extra amount, to allow for all eventualities, or a better option may be to divide the room up into smaller areas on your room plan. Measure these smaller sections separately and then when you have all the measurements, add them together to arrive at a total figure. Again, where possible, the idea should be to ensure that as few pieces of carpet are used as possible.


If you’re planning to have someone fit the carpet for you, then it is advisable to discuss your room measurements and ask how they intend to fit the carpet in the more difficult areas of your room. Check that they know to fit the carpet, so that all the pile faces in the same direction. It will be forced in one direction when it is stored in the manufacturer’s uncut roll and can lead to differences in appearance if one section is fitted with the pile in the opposite direction.

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Planning ahead can reduce the chances of difficulties when fitting carpet.


We can take your hassle of measuring away if you book a free home measuring and estimating service. This way one of our flooring experts will do this accurately for you and not only should it reduce carpet waste and save money, but you’re sure to end up with a beautiful, professional finish too!


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