While carpet and hardwood floor used to be the choice of most households across the country, many are now opting for laminate.

Aesthetically identical to wood but more affordable and easy to fit, laminate flooring is an attractive solution and is taking the country’s homes by storm.

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Laminate may be easy to fit but that’s not to say you don’t need to take accurate measurements beforehand. When doing any sort of DIY or home improvement, measurements are absolutely crucial to ensure that you get it right first time, saving yourself hassle and money.

However, before you go anywhere near a tape measure, have a think about which rooms will benefit from laminate flooring.

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Since laminate is scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean, it is useful for high traffic rooms such as the kitchen. It is also a great choice for homes with pets as just a quick clean with a dust mop will have your floors looking as good as new.


Whether you’re laying laminate flooring yourself or calling in the professionals, taking accurate measurements will not only make the installation process run as smoothly as possible but can also reduce the risk of problems later on.


Firstly, measure the length and width of the room in metres and multiply the resulting figures to find the surface area of the room in m2.

We recommend that you round up the final measurement so that you order enough flooring to cover the whole area. Alternatively, add 10-15% to compensate for cutting waste.

This means if the width of the room is 5m and the length is 4m, the surface area you’d need to cover would be 20m2 plus an additional 10% (or 2m2) for waste. That’s 22m2 altogether.


Once you’ve got the measurements, you need to check the pack size.

You then need to divide the room size by this number, which will tell you how many packs you need to buy. Always round up so that you have enough – it’s better to have excess material than run short and struggle to get hold of another pack!

Remember to measure underneath moveable appliances so that every millimetre of the space is treated to shiny new laminate and get your home up to scratch.


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