Having trouble with space in your bedroom? We’ve put together some great ideas to help you make the most out of your room from floor to ceiling!


lighting in the bedroom


Image shows wood effect laminate

Flood the room with as much natural light as possible. Big windows and open doorways are great for this and will open up the space by reaching even the darkest corners. Additionally, look for quality lighting that produces bright light but make sure that it doesn’t give you a headache.


Put up mirrors where possible, like a large mirror on your feature wall to create the illusion of space. Glass is good for this too. Sleek accessories like vases and bedside tables will reflect light and open up the room.


small bedroom ideas


Image shows black vinyl flooring

Creating a dedicated area to keep your room tidy is a great way to make space. Shelving is especially useful in a small children’s room for things like books, children’s toys, clocks and even school work.


Cashmere bed with drawers


Image shows Cashmere Sovereign 2500 divan bed

Any room can seem bigger with less furniture, so a storage bed with drawers or a large hidden area underneath the bed can give you exactly that. Put away your bed linen, store your toys and clothes without anyone knowing that it’s there and create more bedroom space for yourself.


striped carpet in bedroom


Image shows New York striped carpet

Keep it light. Add beige carpet or stick to neutral coloured tones, like pastel blues, pinks or purples. Or why not take the plunge and choose a striped carpet to elongate the room?

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