Interior design trends have seen the passion for floral and patterns grow in recent years. In the same way as wallpaper has made a huge revival, so has pattern made a welcome return to our floors.
When choosing patterned floors for our homes, there are a few important style choices to be made to ensure you achieve the right look. Follow our top tips to make sure you get it right.


If you’re not ready to go the whole hog with a  chicagomixstriperoom
Chicago Mix Stripe
Stripes work particularly well for this but some floral designs can also be delicate and unobtrusive for those feeling a little cautious about bringing patterned floors into their home.
Stately Manor Collection


If you prefer to embrace the trends of now, then why not go all the way and opt for a patterned carpet? There are plenty of great options available and they can make a great style statement when combined with plain walls and a few select accessories.
You can even combine plain and patterned carpets together for a really interesting look. Simply fit plain carpet in the lounge with a striped carpet using complementary colours placed on the stairs or in the hallway.


Remember that it’s not just carpets and rugs which can be patterned – you can also find vinyl flooring and laminate designs which are patterned. Wood and tile effect are the most common and these can really add extra depth to your interior design.
For those with bolder tastes, something like this eccentric pattern can really work well:


Finally, it is important that you select the right sort of patterned floor to match your living room. You’ll find both modern and traditional options available so here are a few suggestions on which styles are best for you and your home:

– Stripes: versatile enough for modern and traditional decors, choose light stripes of equal/symmetrical length for neutral homes or go for bright colours and uneven patterns if looking for a more modern design idea.

– Geometric: a great option for modern homes, look for colour combinations that match the décor of your home or opt for a retro vibe by embracing classic 70s hues such as mustard yellow, blue and purple

chicagolilacroom (1)


– Floral: delicate patterns work well for conventional homes but bright patterns using big, bold prints are a staple of the modern home.

– Swirl: the perfect neutral option, swirls work well in modern homes that are looking to embrace classic design styles

modern rug with swirls carpetright (1)


– Intricate: the preserve of traditional homes, intricately patterned traditional rugs are often associated with older styles and therefore work best in period homes or properties looking to embrace original features and classic designs.

Paris Red Rug


Want to make a patterned floor work in your living room? Order free samples and test out whether it suits the rest of your interior!

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