The property market can be very difficult, especially with the current economic climate. That is why we offer great ideas – from floor to ceiling – that will help you make your home sell faster.



neutral carpet


Carpet is very popular at the moment. If you decide to fit carpet then we recommend you choose something that is hardwearing and looks great, such as a Berber carpet, so that your potential home buyer knows that you have bought long lasting flooring. Keep in mind that darker or patterned carpet will hide marks better too. Also, be sure to go for a neutral look that will appeal to all and not a strong, bold colour that may put somebody off buying your property.


RHINO STEP Odyssey Ice White_options tiles_0


In busy areas that see many spills and splashes, such as the kitchen and bathroom, choose vinyl flooring. It is one of the most affordable flooring that is easy for you and the next house owner to maintain. Additionally, vinyl flooring comes in superb designs, including those that look like natural stone and real wooden flooring.


QS_Blithoven_UFW1538_SA_Schaduw 007


Laminate is loved by many as it can look like authentic wooden flooring. Other designs such as tile effects are universally appealing as they fit with any type of interior, allowing the buyer to personalise the home with minimum effort. Like vinyl, laminate flooring is also super easy to maintain because of its smooth surface and is therefore ideal for busy areas like the lounge.


To make a house sellable you must make it appealing to anybody who steps through your front door. In order to do this, stick to neutral or soft colours and minimalistic decorations. Don’t forget to remove all clutter and decrease the amount of furniture to make the home look more spacious.

Lighting can also play a big role in selling your home. So use as much natural light as possible to make the place look bigger and brighter. Touch up any paint work and never forget the ceiling.

Finally for the finishing touch! Fix and clean everything and maybe even add an appealing fresh smell for to seal the deal with the home buyer.

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